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ShoMoDjsAV - DJ and Audio Visual Services

ShoMoDjsAV - DJ and Audio Visual Services

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About Us

15 years plus and going! I began as a DJ in Texas under the banner of We have now relocated to mid-america Fulton, Missouri and reinvented ourself as You willl probably forever see the banner due to the fact it will forever be linked to us on the web. I began DJing in college and my roommate jokingly called me djshade because I sold sunglasses. Well it stuck and when I moved back to my hometown of Brownfield Tx from Dallas Tx, where I attended college, the 806 area code was added.

I am a grad student pursuing my MBA in accounting and finance therefore I work full time at an architect firm in Columbia MO an accounting clerk. I am available in between breaks during weekdays and meet my clients after work hours and weekends. Djing is my hobby that's turned into a small business over the years and because I have little overhead I'm able to provide affordable high quality services.

We specialize in not only DJ services but also photography, slideshows, audio rental and karaoke. You tell us what you want to listen to and we'll make it happen. We've entertained from Mud Bogs or Mud Runs to barnyard weddings and proms. Our services are backed by contract and we can even help advise you on what you may need to make your event a success.

10% of bookings go to help veterans as a way to give back and do charities.

Visit our website at to learn more and/or email, call or text. As I finish my transition on web domains my email will update to

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Serpico Batman wedding
Serpico Batman wedding
Johnson wedding
Johnson wedding
Smith wedding
Smith wedding
Setting up on the patio at the Barnyard Smokehouse in Fulton MO
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2023 Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
2024 Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
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